2015 US Open Fantasy Golf Picks - Favorites To Win

2015 US Open Fantasy Golf Picks

TPC Sawgrass Island HoleThe 2015 US Open will crown two rich people on Father’s Day Sunday: One will be the winner of the 2015 U.S. Open, and the other will be the winner of this week's HUGE Fantasy Golf Contest. Just 2 months ago, a cop from New Jersey entered a $5 qualifier and won an entry into a Masters fantasy golf contest and won huge money…this time it could be you!

To win a top fantasy golf contest, you need the best fantasy golf picks. You will also need to create a good list of 2015 US Open Sleeper Picks to fill out your lineup - you primarily need to find 2-3 top fantasy golfers that will be the favorites to win the 2015 U.S. Open to build your team around.


Fantasy Golf Contest


**Fantasy Golf Strategy Tip for 2015 US OPEN** – Chambers Bay is not like any past US Open course and resembles more of a British Open Links style course. There is only 1 tree on the whole course and the fairways are really wide (the 13th hole is 105 feet wide). The bombers on the PGA Tour (Long distance hitters) will be able to let loose and gain some ground. They will need a good short game as well, but focus on the driving distance leaders this week.

Below is our list of golfers that you should focus your attention on when finalizing your fantasy golf lineup. Many of these players will be at the top of the salary cap grid at fantasy golf sites like FantasyFeud.com, so you also need our list of 2015 US Open Sleeper Picks to help round out your roster.

We will have a bunch of entries in This Week's Biggest Fantasy Golf Contest, also as we came in 80th at one for The Masters. We give away one of our lineups to our newsletter members also so you may want to sign up for that as well.

Fantasy Golf Picks for the 2015 US Open

Best Fantasy Golf SitesRory McIlroyRory McIlroy – The question is “Will Rory McIlroy win the 2015 US Open?” We can all concede that he should be in every fantasy golf lineup, the problem is that he will be the highest priced player in most fantasy golf contests and he can really only be worth his value if he wins. He was a top player for the Masters and finished in 4th…an excellent play, but unless you had Jordan Spieth, you didn’t walk away with the really big checks. Shocking if McIlroy doesn’t make the cut, so unless you can fill your lineup with some low cost guys, you may need to pass on his high price tag - unless you think he’ll definitely win.

Jordan SpiethJordan Spieth – Speaking of Spieth, everyone has anointed him as “The Next One”…although I like the kid, and he definitely has a great golf game, I will hold off on that proclamation. Can Speith win the U.S. Open? He should make the cut and be a solid fantasy pick, but you’ll have to decide how his game is leading up the US Open and if he’s up to facing a tough Chambers Bay golf course. I would pick him for my fantasy golf team only if his cost isn’t too high.

Matt KucharMatt Kuchar – I worry that Kuchar has “Jumped the Shark” in his career. He used to be a guy you can count on to make cuts and be a contender to win. This year he still is making cuts, but he hasn’t been seen on leaderboards much this year. I like having golfers that have a history of making the cut, and he should be a low enough midrange price that he will probably be on my fantasy golf lineup. Just a note - Matt Kuchar’s birthday is June 21st…the final Sunday of the 2015 US Open…Birthday, Father’s Day and his 1st Major victory, that would make a great story!

Jimmy WalkerJimmy Walker – If you read our Fantasy Golf Picks with any regularity you will know that Walker is a favorite of ours. He makes cuts at major golf tournaments and is usually priced low at Top Fantasy Golf Sites compared to some of the bigger named golfers. Walker is usually around the average for your salary cap and he is a great value pick that also has the potential to actually win the US Open.

Justin RoseJustin Rose – Rose is a past winner of the U.S. Open (2013), so you know he can stand the pressure. He played next to Spieth on the final Sunday (finished 2nd) at Augusta and also has a win this year. Rose should be a solid fantasy golf pick for the Open and a solid player for your fantasy lineup.

Hideki MatsuyamaHideki Matsuyama – I love Matsuyama’s game and I pray before each big fantasy golf contest that he doesn’t make headlines, so that his price remains relatively low. He was an average salary cap price for Masters contests and finished in 5th. Chambers Bay will be a tough course and it wouldn’t shock me if the top guys like Rory and Spieth bust out of the tournament…but I would be shocked if Hideki Matsuyama doesn’t make the cut and have a strong finish to the 2015 US Open.

Check out our list of 2015 US Open Sleeper Picks for your fantasy golf lineup.

Whether you choose to use our US Open Fantasy Picks or not is up to you – But if you don’t join and play in this week's Biggest Fantasy Golf Contest…then someone else will win and you will be going back to work on Monday!

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