2015 US Open Fantasy Golf Contests - Chamber's Bay Overlays

2015 US Open Fantasy Golf Contests

Besides this week's Biggest Fantasy Golf Contest, there are many other great US Open fantasy golf contests available at some of the top fantasy golf sites. We expect some huge overlays for the PGA tournament at Chamber's Bay for the 2015 U.S. Open so there should be lots of easy money if you can put together a lineup of 6 golfers who finish well.


Here is a list of some great games to join:

Fantasy Feud - $20K US Open Fantasy Golf Contest

  • $33 entry fee
  • Top 100 places paid
  • 1st prize - $3500
  • 688 players max
  • Should be a really nice overlay here for a US Open fantasy golf contest. We expect only about 150 entrants here, so your chances of cashing in are very, very high.


Draftster - $10K at Chambers Bay Fantasy Golf Contest

  • $20 entry fee
  • Top 97 places paid out
  • 1st prize - $2000
  • 550 players max
  • We are only expecting about 200 entrants...so scoring some cash is going to be pretty easy if you know your US Open golfers.


Fantasy Aces - $2500 US Open Best Ball

  • $27.50 entry fee
  • Top 20 places paid
  • 1st prize - $500
  • 100 players max
  • Since fantasy golf is new at Aces starting for the US Open tournament, there should only be about 40-50 entrants making winning money here an easy score.

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