DraftStreet Bonus

DraftStreet Fantasy Golf Bonus Offer

There are only a few sites that offer PGA Tour Fantasy Golf to play at. You can check out our list of Top Fantasy Golf Leagues to get more choices, but one of the most popular places to play fantasy golf is DraftStreet.com.

What is DraftStreet?

DraftStreet is a Daily Fantasy Sports site offering most of the pro and college sports to play real money games at. Launched in 2010, DraftStreet has consistently ranked among the top daily fantasy sports sites and one of their most popular games and one that they excel at is Daily Fantasy Golf.

What type of fantasy golf games does DraftStreet have?

Currently, DraftStreet offers a Salary Cap fantasy golf game, but have thoughts to expand the types of golf games offered in the future. Although they have many ranges for money games, there are always free fantasy golf games to play at where you can still win prizes.

Why should I join DraftStreet for Fantasy Golf?

DraftStreet.com was one of the first sites to offer Fantasy Golf games for real money. Until Draftstreet, fantasy golf fans were stuck with offerings from Yahoo and the Golf Channel playing against thousands upon thousands of players for prizes. If you are looking at playing fantasy golf and hoping to make some money with your talents, DraftStreet is the site for you.

How much of a deposit bonus do I get when I join DraftStreet?

Through Play Daily Fantasy Golf you can receive a DraftStreet Bonus of 100% up to $200 free. Many sites only offer 30% and some claim to offer 40% which upon deposit reverts to a lower amount. Play Daily Fantasy Golf has negotiated an industry best DraftStreet Bonus Offer for fantasy golf players who sign up through us.

DraftStreet Bonus Offer

How Do I Claim The DraftStreet Bonus?

Simply click the PLAY NOW button below. When making a deposit, enter promo code REALPLUS to claim your DraftStreet Bonus Offer. Make your initiial deposit and start your career at DraftStreet as a Fantasy Golf professional!

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