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FanDuel Fantasy Golf
How to Play, Strategies to win and Scoring Info

So FanDuel finally introduced the fantasy game that everyone has been waiting for…FanDuel Fantasy Golf!

Many people were surprised that the game wasn’t set up like the normal salary cap games and that the strategies to play FanDuel golf are bit different from other sites like DraftKings Fantasy Golf. Regardless we have played the games and we have some tips and strategies on how to make your FanDuel golf lineups and we’ll break down the scoring info for you in better detail.

If you don’t want to read what we have, you can go straight to FanDuel’s Golf Guide and figure out a winning strategy yourself.

Full Details can be found here FanDuel Fantasy Golf Guide.

Free Fantasy Golf Contest

How to Play FanDuel Golf

Playing FanDuel Golf, you must create a lineup of 8 golfers: 4 golfers for Rounds 1-2 of that tournament, and 4 different golfers for Rounds 3-4 of that tournament. Your players earn fantasy points for how they play in the rounds you select them for. Guys you pick for Rounds 1 and 2 only collect you points for those 2 rounds, guys you pick for Rounds 3 and 4 only get you points in those rounds. You will get rewarded at the end of the tournament extra points if any of your players (no matter which round you picked them) finish in the top 25 of that PGA Tournament. Its a similar idea to how Yahoo Fantasy Golf is run so you may want to use your knowledge of making Yahoo Fantasy Golf Picks when creating your FanDuel lineups.

FanDuel Golf Scoring

FanDuel Per Hole Scoring

Eagle (or better) = 7pts Birdie = 3.1pts Par = 0.5pts

Bogey = -1pt Double Bogey (or worse) = -3pts

FanDuel Tournament Finish Scoring (Overall tournament finishing position)

1st Place Bonus = 20pts

2nd–5th Place Bonus = 12pts

6th–10th Place Bonus = 8pts

11th–25th Place Bonus = 5pts

Other Bonus Points

Bogey Free Round (A round with no holes over par) = 5pts

Five+ Birdies or Better (A round with 5+ holes under par) = 4pts

Streak Bonus (Two holes in a row under par) = 0.6pts

Bounce Back (Hole under par after hole over par) = 0.3pts

How to Win Playing FanDuel Fantasy Golf

Ultimately anyone you pick for Rounds 1 and 2 will score you points but if the players that you picked for rounds 3 and 4 miss the cut then you will probably lose your fantasy contest. You will probably want to spend more on the guys in your round 3-4 team so that you can improve your chances of them initially making the cut and then scoring you points for the weekend. There are some FanDuel golf strategies that suggest taking the higher priced players in the first two rounds but for that to work out you better have picked 4 players that definitely make the cut for the tournament.

In a nut shell, it is a better strategy to roster your highest salaried players in Rounds 3 and 4 because the higher cost players are the favorites and are more likely to make the cut in any given PGA Tour event.

Also, another stat to look out for is how consistent players are. The negative points for bogeys and double bogeys are severe so having a player that is prone to shoot high numbers at times can really hurt your lineup with one really bad round.

If you follow enough golf you will also know which pros start out strong in a tournament and then fade over the weekend and which are prone to have a slow 1st round and then pour it on to end a tournament. These are all factors to consider when creating your FanDuel Fantasy Golf lineup.

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