DraftKings Free 2016 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

Free Fantasy Golf Contests

We all love FREE stuff...and most of us love FREE Money! So here is a FREE fantasy golf contest being run just for you at DraftKings!

What's the catch?

To get in you need to click the link below because this contest isn't for everyone and can't be found in the DraftKings Lobby

Full Details can be found here Free DraftKings Fantasy Golf Contest.

Free Fantasy Golf Contest

This is a contest for open to all players but if you are a new player - take advantage of our FREE Ticket Bonus!

Join DraftKings.com (a partner of ours) - and if you make a 1st deposit of $5 or more - you will get a FREE entry ticket ($3) to play in their Drive the Green Fantasy Golf Contest or PGA Birdie Contest and play for hundreds of thousands of dollars! Imagine winning that much money playing fantasy golf!

Why are you still here? These offers don't come along often…grab the FREE CASH while you can!

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