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How To Create A Winning Fantasy Golf Team

Tiger Woods WinningOne of the newest trends in fantasy sports is people playing daily fantasy golf games for money.

Historically, most fantasy golf fans were stuck playing on sites like Yahoo Fantasy Golf or the Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge…or hope that one of their buddies ran a fantasy golf league.

With daily fantasy sports sites growing in popularity, so does the popularity of playing Daily Fantasy Golf.

Fantasy golf can be played almost all year round, so when your favorite fantasy sport in on a break, fantasy golf will remain available to play. Another advantage is, that unlike other fantasy sports, you don’t need to follow on a daily basis as each PGA Tour golf tournament is very different.

So now that I have sold you on playing Daily Fantasy Golf, the next question is How To Create A Winning Fantasy Golf Team? Below is a list of daily fantasy golf strategies and tips that will help your create your winning fantasy golf lineup. You can test them out at FanDuel which is one of the top fantasy golf leagues to play at. They have large money contests as well as free games to play so they are definitely worth checking out.

Know the Scoring system

Each daily fantasy golf site has their own scoring system, and if you want to create a winning fantasy golf team, knowing how the scoring is calculated can help you find advantages that other fantasy players may miss.

Know the Golfers

If you watch golf, you can learn how guys are playing - who has a strong short game, who can bomb it but can’t sink a putt, who’s hot on the PGA Tour and who’s not. The more you know, the better your chances are of picking the best fantasy golf lineup.

History can repeat itself

Some average players always play great on certain golf courses, some great players are always horrible on specific golf courses. Look at the past history of golfers on the course they are playing on that week. If a player always makes the cut or has steadily improved his finish each year, you may want to target him for your fantasy golf team.

Look for guys that make cuts

We all want to pick the winner of the golf tournament, but the reality is that you probably won’t. The next best thing is to pick players that will make the cut. Obviously you need your top players to finish high in the standings for you to win, but more importantly having all your players play all 4 rounds will get you a ton of fantasy golf points and lead you to victory. Even if they just shoot par, you will get more points than with a guy who missed the cut. Some golfers are consistent at making cuts, so focus on them as your fantasy golf sleeper picks.

The Top golfers are the best for a reason

The top 50 golfers on the World Golf Rankings are there for a reason…they consistently play well in tournaments and finish high in the standings. Logic would dictate that the more top golfers in your fantasy golf lineup, the better your chances are of winning that contest. Obviously there are other factors involved, as mentioned above, but if your final spot is a decision between a nobody on the PGA Tour and a somebody on the PGA Tour – the better player is the safer play.

Look for the undervalued Salary Cap Players

Sometimes daily fantasy sites either undervalue a golfer, or a good golfer is a late edition to a PGA Tournament…these events happen, and when they do, you need to pounce on the opportunity. Being able to use a good player with a cheap salary will allow you to pick a better player at a higher salary as well. Don’t just look at the top of the salary cap list, start at the bottom and see what players can be your Fantasy Golf Sleeper Picks that week.

Watch last minute Withdrawals

Sometimes golfers pull out of PGA Tournaments at the last minute for various reasons - injury, personal reasons…whatever. Sometimes they pull out on the Monday as well, but daily fantasy sites will still have them listed. Don’t just set your lineup blindly - check to make sure a player you are picking for your fantasy golf lineup is still playing.


Now that you know how to create a Winning Fantasy Golf Team you can Join FanDuel and take advantage of weaker players and make some money.

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