How To Find Fantasy Golf Sleeper Picks To Win Money

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How To Find Fantasy Golf Sleeper Picks

One fantasy golf strategy that everyone focuses on is finding that one fantasy golf sleeper pick that will complete your salary cap lineup and score you the points you need to put you over the top in your fantasy golf contests at sites like

Unfortunately this is easier said than done...

Below we have listed some steps to determine who would be a top fantasy golf sleeper and how to find fantasy golf sleeper picks?

Look for the Mistakes

Golf MistakeSometimes, players pull out with injuries last minute and many of the Top Daily Fantasy Golf Sites mistakenly put in a player at a lower value than he should be. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen and the smart DFS player jumps on these opportunities.


Check the Odds

Golf OddsThe people that set the salaries for daily fantasy golf sites have their own series of statistics and algorithms that create the values that you see when you create your lineup. The boys in Vegas have their own criteria for valuing players and they are a good reference to look at as well. If your favorite fantasy golf site has a player priced low but the oddsmakers at a site like Bovada have him ranked pretty high, there may be a sleeper pick that has been overlooked. When in doubt, lean towards the odds makers as they are usually better at setting the best golf odds.

Course history

Golf HistorySome top golfers can’t play well at certain courses and there are some mediocre golfers that look like champions on others. Look over the course history and see if any players are low priced in comparison to their history on that particular course.



Golfers can go on runs

Golf RunPGA Tour golfers can sometimes go on stretches that they can do no wrong. It’s not unusual that a golfer scores a couple of top 25s in a row, and then still continues this streak for another 2-3 weeks. That golfer may not win in the next couple of weeks, but he may generate enough points to win you your fantasy golf game.


Find the Guys that make cuts

Golf CutPicking a winner is great and when you make your lineup you should do your research to make the pick of which top golfer will win that tournament. The whole point of finding and picking a fantasy golf sleeper isn’t necessarily for that guy to win, but to score you a lot of points. To do that, you need to focus on guys that will make the cut. There are some golfers that may never win on the PGA Tour, but they are always ranked high in the official world golf rankings because they always make cuts and finish with a paycheck. After 30 or so tournaments, those checks add up to a pretty good season on tour. Find the golfers that grind out a good living, they will most likely be at the bottom of the salary cap price list and your opportunity for a sleeper pick.


Now go and find those fantasy golf sleeper picks that will help you earn cash playing fantasy golf at top fantasy golf sites such as FanDuel.

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